Explore The World Of Fiddles

Fiddles, violins, etc.  A world of musical art from backyard dances to the finest instruments money can buy.  We hope to touch a little on the basics and just have some fun.
The variety of fiddles is endless.
From professional design and built to little basement amateur work, the sound of a fiddle can be tremendous.  It can also be aweful.  Just a few little tweaks and some help from friends around the internet and you can make your home grown fiddle come to life.  It’s not as hard as many think.  It just takes a little extra work and fine tuning.

Discover Unlimited Design

A Look Inside My world

A few pictures of some of the fiddles I have accumulated over the years, as well as some I have built.
A simple design that works great

Building tools doesn’t have to be expensive

Violin Finger Charts

What are you waiting for?

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